Sound system of policies and procedures

We have had a full time Building Manager on site since the commencement of the contract which has proven to be invaluable. All routine and emergency matters have been handled proficiently and forward planning and the identification of future projects have added another level of management of the Estate.

Sky Management have a sound system of policies and procedures that ensure that all tasks are well managed and documented. The Building Manager is well supported by senior members of the company and the depth of that support along with collective industry knowledge, enables our strata committee to make well informed decisions.

As with all Strata complexes, the management of budget is paramount. The Building Manager assists with the development of our annual budgets and is mindful of all expenditures. Competitive quoting for services is sought and a general “value for money” approach ensures that the funds are spent efficiently and effectively.

The level of support and guidance provided by Sky Management, has put us in a good position over the past 3 years and I am certain will continue to do so moving into the future.

Chairperson – Eversleigh Estate