Building Manager Testimonials

Respectful, professional and effective communicator

Sky Management is the Building Manager of the Scenic Apartments at 72 Donnison Street West Gosford. Our building manager is an excellent representative of his organisation as he is always:

• Very respectful;
• Very professional, always with an understanding and friendly manner;
• Effective communicator, both in oral and written form;
• Very responsible and diligent in following through on identified issues and agreed actions.

As an owner of a Scenic Apartment, I believe Sky Management provide a valuable contribution not only to the maintenance of the building as a valuable asset but also to the management of the relationship with owners / tenants and service providers. The contribution has been significant in establishing and maintaining a harmonious community in the building complex

2021-04-19 05:14:56

Prompt and diligent

We are so happy with our building manager.
He responses promptly and is willing to help us every time.
Without him it would be much difficult to deal with building defects.

Owner – Vue Apartments

2020-11-23 22:53:27

Obliging, accessible day & night and empathetic

I have known our building manager since his appointment to the position of Building Manager for The Vue Apartments,
I feel that our building manager has fulfilled his duties efficiently during his time at The Vue.
He has always been obliging, accessible day & night and empathetic to the needs of others.

Owner – Vue Apartments

2020-11-23 22:52:21

Approachable and professional

We have just moved into Iconic. We have moved around a lot and have been involved with many apartments and building managers. So we can say that our dealings with our building manager are nothing short of fantastic.

From the outset he has been approachable and professional and nothing has been a problem. He has kept us informed of all that is needed to live in Iconic and has guided us through the moving maze and made very it easy.


Iconic Resident.

2020-11-20 03:19:17

Project coordination

Sky’s help has been greatly appreciated, making access to complete required works as easy as possible. As I mentioned, you can see the relationship you have with the residents which makes it all that much easier. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, and I look forward to working with you again soon.

2020-11-16 23:38:06

Professional Building Management Company!

I have owned an apartment at Mid Rise World Tower since 2008, and I lived in that apartment from
2008 to 2016.

On taking up residence, it became obvious to me that there were significant issues, including
overcrowding in the building. I learned that Mid Rise – World Tower is an extremely challenging
building to manage due to the size and complexity of strata plan and the fact that there are three
strata plans operating within one of Sydney’s largest residential towers.

The situation changed when Sky came in as the Building Manager, around five or six years ago. The team have proven that they are dedicated to managing this
ageing and complex building with great professionalism. They understand the importance of
managing the mechanical and commercial aspects of a building with great care helping to reduce risk
and improve efficiency. They also have strong empathy and respect for owners’ needs.

More recently, I have had even more direct experience with the Sky Management team, firstly as a
member of the Mid Rise Strata Committee (since November 2017) and as its Chairman (since
November 2018). During that time Mid Rise World Tower has undertaken some large, complex
restoration and refurbishment projects. The team at Sky Management have used their skills in
ensuring that these projects are completed successfully with minimal disturbance to owners and
residents of Mid Rise. Importantly, they are always available to assist and advise the Mid Rise Strata Committee, as we navigate through the many complex issues that arise in such projects.

I would highly recommend Sky Management to any Owners Corporation seeking to engage a
professional building management company to maintain their asset with great care and diligence.

Owner (Mid-Rise, World Tower)

2020-10-12 04:31:56

Best Building Manager!

Our building manager has been the best building manager I have come across. He is friendly, reliable, hard-working and extremely professional.

Resident – Iconic

2020-09-15 04:52:55

Professional Service

Sky Management have provided building management services to our strata which includes 164 units for five years.

Our complex covers four x four storey buildings with spacious landscape areas and a number of elevators and underground carpark.

Sky management have been very helpful in dealing with building maintenance issues including resolution of a building dispute with the construction company involved with the development of the site. They have the responsibility of engaging cleaning staff and the various trades people involved in maintenance, preventative and programmed maintenance, waste management and general day to day issue of the residents.

Our relationship is strong and professional. When the allocated staff who are on site take holidays backup has presented no issue for us and we have experienced continuity of works. Communication and technical resources, information and experience is good and reliable.

Coastal Quarter – Chairperson

2020-09-09 01:45:29

Pleasant Experience!

My wife and I moved into Mid Rise World Tower early in 2020.

There was much to be done to our apartment and we knew, from prior experience, things can become frustrating if building management does not work with you.

The team at Sky Management provided every assistance to us, in both a timely and courteous manner, with the result that our project management process ran as smoothly as was possible.

As contractors and suppliers came and went, and changed their schedules and requirements, they were polite and unflappable with everyone, all of which helped immensely with all that needed to be done.

And the good and friendly service has continued unabated……thankyou to both of you.

You have made living at World Tower Mid Rise a much more pleasant experience than otherwise might have been the case.

Owner – Mid Rise

2020-08-25 01:55:21

Friendly, professional and approachable!

Hi Team,

Please take this as contribution to our building managers performance appraisal as a tenant and owner of one of the penthouses in the Iconic building.

I have regular engagement with our building manager and always find him to be more than willing to assist. My items range from normal building matters and this may include after hours support, through to more strategic issues such as assisting me manage defect issues and advice.

Our building manager is a friendly, professional and approachable building manager and an asset to our building’s health.


2020-07-24 12:05:54

Pleasure to work with!

On behalf of the whole SC I’d like to thank our building manager for his work which despite the changes has been unrelenting. In a very short time he’s got on top of everything and has been a pleasure to work with.

Resident – Pyrmont

2020-07-16 23:56:55

Committed and Diligent

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our building manager who has been working with great commitment and diligence alongside all owners, residents and tenants. Thank you !

Resident – Iconic Apartments

2020-06-24 06:17:37

Second to none

It is with great pleasure that I am able to provide this kind of feedback. As a property owner with several investment properties over the years  I have found the team to be simply amazing!

Purchasing ‘off plan’ can be a stressful experience as there is a defect period and some issues with  all new builds.
Having Sky Management manage our building and the defect process was very reassuring. They communicated effectively keeping owners updated at all times and ensuring the job got done..

The level of care and dedication provided by the whole team is second to none and I am personally grateful they are looking after my investment so well.

Well done and great job !

2019-08-12 01:31:54